Thoth Tarot Journey

During 2015, the Dark Moon Circle of Spheres Of Light will be beginning a journey of learning the Qabalah. We’re starting with the Suit of Swords (Air) using the Thoth Tarot. As a member of this circle, I have been given the homework of working through each card and writing an impression of them. The following pages will be an account of that learning, and hopefully show a path of evolution as my information on the Qabalah grows.

                                                         Ace of Swords                2 of Swords                     3 of Swords                     4 of Swords

                                                                              5 of Swords                     6 of Swords                     7 of Swords

                                                        8 of Swords                     9 of Swords                     10 of Swords                 Princess of Swords

                                                                       Prince of Swords              Queen of Swords              Knight of Swords


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