Wep Ronpet 2016 – Shit Happens

Or “I failed this year, but I’m okay with it.”

Wep Ronpet sort of snuck up on me and I was caught unaware and unprepared, but I was hopeful. I wrote about Osiris’ Epagomenal/Intercalary Day in it’s own post, and thought that perhaps I’d write something each day and muse on what the days meant to me.  Well, fate had it’s own ideas.
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Kemetic Glossery of Termanology

As with anything, each community will have its own terms. Some of these are not kemetic specific, but apply, so will be included. The terms below have been gathered from members of the community, the tags of tumblr, and blogs of WordPress. I hope they can help you understand things a little easier.

  • UPG – Unverified personal gnosis, meaning your personal, non historically based experiences.
  • SPG – Shared personal gnosis, meaning an idea, such as a god liking a certain colour, that is shared by a few different people, but not historically evidenced.
  • CG/VPG/CPG – Confirmed gnosis/Verified personal gnosis/Confirmed personal gnosis; Something that begins as a unverified personal gnosis, but is then backed up by historical records.
  • YMMV – Your mileage may vary. This means that although you may do the same thing, you may get a different result.
  • KO – Kemethic orthodoxy
  • Em hotep – Often used as a greeting, it’s extended version is “ii-wy em hotep” meaning “Welcome in peace.”
  • Netjeru/Netjer/Netjeri – Netjeru means Gods, Netjer means God, and is a KO term. Netjeri are those that are not ancestors, but not Gods. Spirits or demons that work for the gods.
  • RPD – Rite of Parental Divination, a ritual done in the Kemetic Orthodox Religion that uses cowrie shells and mathematical equations to divine who created you, and who has chosen to work with and protect you in this life. Here is some general info about it, and this link will give you the maths/process behind it.
  • Budge – the author E.A Wallis Budge, who incorrectly translated a lot of hieroglyphs and spoke insultingly of the Netjeru. He’s laughable in most circles, do not read his books.
  • PT – A shortened term for the Pyramid Texts, which are a collection of ancient Egyptian Religious texts from the time of the Old Kingdom.